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Full Version: Dry my lips out or keep them moist?
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Hey guys,

Im a 23 year old male, and have always had fordyce spots on my lips and genitals. I did not know what they were exactly until they flared up on my top lip, right in the middle. =/

So my question is: Do I dry out my lips and let it self resolve or keep them moist? I think keeping them moist is the reason for them breaking out. I have never put chapstick on or anything like that my entire life.

P.S. I am Sicilian, which means I am very oily.
Me either I never had to put Chapstick or Aquaphor but I rece moved back to New York and I started to get them on my lip line left side and now it's starting in the middle lip line keep reading and hopefully we can help each other
i have it too just in the middle of my lip. lets hope it stays their...
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