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Full Version: Fordyce spot?
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Hi guys,

so i am asking for an opinion. Do you think this is fordyce spots. I have them on my dick since i remember. But then 2 years ago i got this spots on my upper lip. Now they dont hurt or burn if i scratch them they do not go away, they are painless and i have had them for 2 years.

So do you think this is fordyce or could it be something else (what?)

I attached two pictures

PS: Could this be some konf of STD?
I have the same as you ! It's driving me crazy . I also got them about two years ago at first it consisted of very bad chapped lips like literally all the time then I noticed these bumps on my lips . Did you have chapped lips before the spots ?
Same as me, did you visit doctor?
its oral fordyce

oral isotretinoin is good for such cases
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