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Full Version: is this fordyce? how can i be sure?
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Hey guys, iv known for atleast 2 year that i do have fordyce but until just recently they have never been that noticeable. I always suffer from another skin condition called folliculitis so I am use to get ingrown hair/massive black heads. Just recentely I noticed 3 significantly larger and way more visible. I know this because someone noticed it before i did, its on the lower area of my testicles and all 3 of them seem to be no where near the surface/able to pop. I have managed to pop a couple easily but i would not recommended as if you dont get it its will most certainly get worse which is why over the last 3 days iv continue to be pestered by this 3 white balls iv tried everything i can possibly think of. One of them actually is becoming so swollen im worried it might be a cyst,

ps. id love to get a picture up to show you if anyone can reccomend a way to post it easily?

[attachment=409] Here?
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