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Full Version: Please help me determine if this is Fordyce (pic)
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Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and very scared about what I have. I am 23 and have 4 tiny white bumps on the top of my penis, just past the foreskin towards the middle. They have been there for maybe 6 months (although I am not exactly sure how long). They don't itch, they don't hurt, they don't pus. To me, they look more like the pictures I have seen of Fordyce on the lips, rather than the penis. I am just praying that it is not hpv. (I had intercourse with a girl about a year and a half ago in which the condom broke, but like I said, these bumps showed up 6 months ago). I am so nervous and anxious that I can barely sleep or eat so if someone could maybe shed some light and help me better understand what it is I would really really appreciate it.

Sorry the picture isn't that great but there are 4 little white bumps where I circled (you can't really tell). I also think I have Fordyce on my scrotum.
It's tough to say what it could be. It's hard to see in the photos. I think you should go to a doctor and get it checked out, they can let you know for sure. Honestly, if it is warts, they are treated pretty easily. It's really not anything to panic about. HPV is not permanent. (Not saying that that's what this is, only a possibility.)
Hard to say from the pics, however they are mostly in one spot, unusual for fordyce spots. Go see a dr, my bet is its HPV. As fleetfox says HPV is treatable unlike fordyce spots/sp.
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