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I wrote about this a while ago, but it never really caught on so I wanted to write about it again.

I have had a procedure called "hyfrecation" done to me three times. Essentially, a local anesthetic is applied to the penis (and left on for 20 minutes or so) and then the dermatologist takes an electric needle (called a hyfrecator, you can look it up) and emits a small electric current into each prominent gland. Scabs form over the glands that shocks are applied to. The scabs fall off after several days and then the glands remain slightly swollen for a week or two. By three to four weeks following the procedure, there is notable progress.

I have no how this procedure done three times, and I would say my SP/fordyce spots are about 80% better. In light they can still be seen but they are much smaller and less apparent. Also they can only really be seen when the skin is deliberately stretched, they are harder to see just by looking at the penis in the light (even with an erection).

So, I am just writing about this again to urge more people to pursue this solution. It's not a complete, 100% fix (it seems like one has not yet been discovered), but it's a big step in the right direction that has definitely reduced my concern and enhanced my confidence.
thanks, ive been thinking about getting this done, what was the cost for each time and what country do you live in.
(07-25-2010 10:01 AM)sponge1 Wrote: [ -> ]thanks, ive been thinking about getting this done, what was the cost for each time and what country do you live in.

I live in the U.S., in New York. It cost me $150 per session, in my mind, well worth it.


i wonder how well this would work on the lips or the mouth .. and how long the heal time would be before you could return to work/public ??


Hi, thanks for your post.

I'm intending to get this done, i'm seeing someone about it in a couple of weeks. My main concern is them returning. abcdefg have you noticed yours worsening since you had them treated?
the initial healing takes about 5 days or so. little scabs form over the glands that then fall off naturally. the glands then remain a little reddish/swollen for a few days. after a little while (like a week to ten days) you can't even tell that you underwent treatment, but the full cosmetic result cannot be judged for another three weeks or so.

since I got the procedure done on my penis, I was able to get right back to things immediately after the procedure was done. It might be different if you got it done on your lips, but I don't know if that would work. You'd need to ask a dermatologist about that.

In terms of recurrence, mine have definitely not gotten worse since I had them treated. They have gotten better. I never really bought the whole "no matter what you'll do, they'll come back" idea. The point of the treatment is that the electric shock disrupts the activity of the sebaceous glands so it stops overproducing sebum. I suppose eventually they could come back, but I don't see why they would. My dermatologist said a recurrence was only likely if I changed my lifestyle and started doing activities that vastly increased sebaceous gland activity, like taking steroids.


Have you been left with any scarring??
(08-05-2010 10:04 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]Have you been left with any scarring??

HEY, ABCDEFG i live in New York too were did you get the hyfrection done?


As I stated, I do not feel comfortable disclosing where I got the procedure done, because I know my dermatologist very personally and do not want them to become overburdened with people requesting the procedure. However, I assure you that you can find doctors who would preform the procedure in New York if you look around a bit. You could ask your dermatologist or call around.

Sorry that I cannot be terribly helpful in this respect.
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